SATURDAY JULY 13th. 2024.
The REED CUP (scratch doubles)

Dave Booton and Pete Williams, holding the REED CUP.
Dave & Pete played 4 games to win this trophy.
The Losing finalists were Paul Lloyd and Martin Bishop.
This final was a tremendous match played over 28 ends,
Dave & Pete raced into a 6-0 lead but Paul & Martin fought back
& held the lead up to 19-18, then  Dave & Pete took 2 off the last 3 ends to win 21-20.
Twelve pairs took part in the Competition,
Well played everyone.



Top of the averages in the
Cleobury team Ludlow League. 
P12-W9-L-F219-A151-Agg +68.
Well done Nick.


SATURDAY JULY 6th. 2024.
The HORTON SHIELD (scratch doubles)

Joe Burnside and Dave Booton  with the HORTON SHIELD.
Joe & Dave played extremely well over 3 games to with this trophy.
The first 2 games were up to 15, and the final was up to 21.
Their final opponents, (who played 4  games) Margret Grainger & Paul Lloyd,
were a one stage 16-6 down
but took some good ends and got back into the game which finished 21-12,
to make this final a top class game.
Nine pairs took part in this competition. Well played everyone.



SUNDAY JUNE 30th 2024

A very successful Captain's Day was held today.
The weather was vey kind to us (it didn't rain).
Club Captain, Graham Kitchen, Presented all of the above with a token of his appreciation
for their help in running this annual event. Thanks to Phil Pack for organising the Games,
The games were run on the usual format, except this year, Because of the Euro Cup,
it was reduced to 2 games of 7ends, semi-finals & a final.

A wonderfull buffet was served up by the Captain's Wife Sheila, with the help
of Jean Wilson Lauren Burnside and Lesley Burnside.

(L-R) Lauren Burnside, Shelia Kitchen, Graham Kitchen, Lauren Burnside, Jean Wilson &
Phil Pack.

A special thanks also to Highley Bowls Club and Chelmarsh Bowls club members
for supporting this event.



2024 Captain's Day finalists being presented with there prizes by club Captain Graham Kitchen, 

(l-R) runners up: Lesley Burnside & Dave Booton,
 Club Captain Graham Kitchen & Final winners Nick Flatters & Margret Grainger.
After a very good final, which was played over 9 ends. At one stage
Lesley & Dave led by 6 shots to 2, after 7 ends
Margret and Nick finished with a 2 1s & a 4 to win the final.
The final score: 8-6.
Well Played everyone.


2024 Captain's Day Finalists.


2024 Captain's Day: 2nd. Semi-Final.

(L-R) Lesley Burnside, Dave Booton, Phil Pack & Terry Kenney.
Lesley & Dave Won 9-6.


2024 Captain's Day: 1st semi-final.

(L-R) Andy Pain, Martin Bishop, Margret Grainger & Nick Flatters.
Margret & Nick Won 8-1.


The DOWNES CUP (scratch doubles)

Nick Flatter and Dave Booton with the DOWNES CUP.
Nick & Dave won 21-13.
The losing finalists were Paul Lloyd & Stan Checkett.
Well played to all.


FRIDAY JUNE 14th 2024
Warren Euddaf & Rae Livesey,
winners of the JULES CUP.
Warren and Rae played a very good game to win this Trophy.
They lead through out the game and at onetime they were 9 across
but pulled away with some very good shots to win 21-13.
They played 3 games to win the final.

The losing finalists were Clarice Evans & Ray Link.
They played a very good game but came up against a better pair on the day.
A special mention must be made about Clarice,
She attended a special  taster session with the CLEOBURY W.I.
in late May, she and her friend enjoyed it so much that they joined the club
and had some further tuition from club members,
She entered the Jules Cup competition and played extremely well.
She had never bowled before and can justly be proud of herself.
Clarice and and Ray also played 3 games,
& 7 pairs took part in the competition,
Well played everyone.


JACK-IN-THE -BOX TROPHY. (Scratch Singles)

Dave Warrington and Jean Wilson, with the Jack-in-The- Box Trophy.
Dave & Jean played 3 top class games to win this trophy.
The final game took 30 ends to reach a conclusion.
Dave & Jean at one stage were 11.2 up then were 14-13 down, but got back to 19-14 up
then 20-15 up then 20-19 up then they finished 21-19 with a
superb wood to finish off a top Class match.
The losing finalists were Nick Flatters |& Chris Cowdell.
11 pairs took part. Well played to everyone.


SATURDAY MAY 18th. 2024
LADIES CUP (Scratch Singles)

Jean Wilson holding the LADIES CUP.
Jean played extremely well over three games to win this trophy.
She won the three legs with only 14 shots against.
The losing finalist was Rae Livsey.
Six members took part.
The final score was 21-6.
Well played everyone.



Sean Woodhouse, Chris Cowdell and Dave Booton with the
Sean, Chris & Dave, played a very good game to win this Trophy.
the 3 were 6-4 up then suddenly their opponents score 2 ends of 4 to take a very good lead.
But the 3 players fought back to get to 20-19 down and then took 2 shots to finish 21-20.
Their opponents were, Dale Stephenson, Paul Lloyd & Warren Euddaf.
Three teams took part in the competition.
Well played everyone.



 Jean Wilson & Stan Checkett, with the
Jean and Stan played a tremendous game to win this trophy.
They were 12-6 down then 19-15 down then they won the 5 of the last 6 ends to win 21-20.
Commiserations to, Claire Williams & Adie Booton who where the losing finalist.
Well played to both pairs.
Six pairs in all,  played in the competition.