The jubilant Mortimer team
with the new K.O. trophy.
Mortimer won the match by 17 shots.
The new trophy is called the
This magnificent trophy was donated by
Who plays for Bromfield (Burway B.C.)



And trophy's received by all finalists.






Dave Jones (R) handing over the PRESIDENTS DAY TROPHY
To Club Captain Roy Andrews
This annual event is played between the President's and the Club Captain's teams.
The format for playing is in pairs with each pair playing three games of 7 ends and the
result is on aggregate scores. This year the club captains team took the trophy,
with an aggregate score of 183-181. This was after a recount.






Roy Andrews: Club Captain, holding aloft the Presidents Day Trophy



Presidents Day was also the day that Cleobury Mortimer Bowls Club and
Highley Miners Welfare Bowls Club
presented the monies that were raised at both Air Ambulance Days
This amounted to £460. donated to this really worthwhile cause.
(L-R) Roy Andrews Club Captain, Dave Jones Club President, Dave Harley Club Secretary,
Meurice Evans Air Ambulance and Brian Williams Highley Miners Welfare Bowls Club.
Well done to both clubs.



Ann Jones, Wife of Club President Dave Jones presented
club competition winners with their trophies.
Presidents Day is also used as the presentation day.  




The SUNDAY MORNING LEAGUE Shield being presented to
Sue Weston & Chris Cowdell, of  the winning Taverners,  by Ann Jones wife of the President Dave Jones, & Lesley Burnside of the Events committee.
Other members of the squad: Jeff Martin, Keith Taylor & captain
Mike Arrowsmith, could not attend. 


Sunday morning K.O. Final 2011

(L-R) Bob Jennings, Phil Pack,
Gordon Harris & Eric Mark.
Winners of the Sunday  Morning K.O.
Well done to the team.

(L-R) Brian Smith, Pam Lacey,
Lauren Burnside & Albert Mantle.
Runners up
Hard lines to you all.


Sunday Morning consolation final 2011

Roy Broome, Jason, Dave Howard & Dean.
Also in the squad Chris Smith.
Winners of the Consolation Cup
Final Score 21-13
Well done.

Pete Blakemore, Sam Lowe, Joyce Blakemore &
Howard Broome
Losing finalists
Hard lines.



The Cleobury Fringe invitation
doubles competition 2011

Albert Mantle & Howard Broome Receiving their prizes from Geoff Hainsworth,
(Chairman of the Cleobury Fringe committee), 
after winning the
Doubles bowling invitation competition
sponsored by the Cleobury Fringe.
Albert and Howard played superbly to overcome Ron and Bob in a closely fought contest
Well played both couples...

Three local bowling clubs were invited to enter the competition. Chelmarsh, Highley & Cleobury,
Ably organised by Lesley Burnside.
this is the second year it has taken place and it is hoped it will keep on getting more and more entries
each year.



Les Link, (L) & Rob Smith (R) losing semi-finalists
Being presented with their prizes by Geoff Hainsworth

Geoff Hainsworth presenting: Ron Smith & Bob Parry with their prizes losing finalists



Dennis Edwards, Christine Lloyd & Ivor Lloyd
Proudly holding the
Well done the three of you for an excellent first & second round and an outstanding final


Joe Taylor, Ken Reynolds & Bill Taylor
before playing the Final

Dennis Edwards, Christine Lloyd & Ivor Lloyd
before playing in the final


Joe Burnside, Dennis Edwards, (hidden),
Lauren Burnside & Christine Lloyd.

Eric Mark (front), Bob Jennings
& Phil Pack

Dorothy Vaughan, Archie Vaughan, Joe Taylor,
Ray Link & Ken Reynolds.


Pensioners Trophies 2011
Congratulations to Ken on being in the finals
and winning all of all the three pensioners competitions.

Betty Rose & Ken Reynolds,
winners of the Jules Cup.
Scratch doubles for the over 65s,
Ken Reynolds,
winner of the Hodges Cup.
Scratch singles for the over 70s

Roy Broome & Ken Reynolds,
winners of the Pensioners Pot.
For the over 65s. 




Saturday August 27th 2011


Lauren Burnside and Christine Lloyd shake hands before they play the final
of the Ladies Cup.


Lauren Burnside being presented with the
by her very proud grandfather, Albert Mantle.
Lauren ( who is 13 years of age) played exceptionally well over all the games.
She won her first 2 games 21-10.
Then won the final 21-20
She lead 14-5 at one stage but Christine Lloyd fought back to lead at 20-19,
but Lauren played a super shot to take the final end.
Well done both players for a super game.




(Scratch Doubles)
Saturday August 13th 2011


Bob Jennings & Christine Lloyd

Lauren Burnside

Pete Arrowsmith(sitting) Dennis Edwards,
Ray Rose & Chris Cowdell.

Howard Broome & Gordon Griffiths

Pete Arrowsmith & Dennis Edwards.

Joan Griffiths & Pauline Sorrell

Bob Jennings, Christine Lloyd
Lauren Burnside & Betty Rose

Joan Griffiths

Joe Burnside, Pam Lacey,
Ivor Lloyd & Stan Checkett.


The Finalists before their match.
(L-R) Dennis Edwards, Chris Cowdell, Pauline Sorrell & Howard Broome.


Dennis and Chris being presented with The REED CUP
by Lesley Burnside Chairman of Cleobury Mortimer Chamber of Trade
and Vice Chairman of the Cleobury Mortimer Bowls Club.
Dennis and Chris played exceptionally well all day.
They played four rounds of 21 up and only conceded 22 shots.
The final result was 21-12
well done to the both of them.


Air Ambulance Day
With Cleobury Mortimer Bowls Club.
The competition was played over 4 games
in 4 sections. The highest scores from each section
going into the semi-finals
all pictures are L-R.

Norman Brookes, Mike Weston,
Mary Brown & Lorraine Brookes.

Mary Brown, Brenda Turner,
Ron Reed & Norman Brookes

Lesley Burnside, Howard Broome,
Colin Brookes & Brian Durnell.

Carol Harley, John Parsons (hidden),
Les Woodhouse & Bob Parry

Matt, Russon, Dave Harley,
Lol Russon & Dorothy Cowdell.

Alan Dudley, Dave Collins,
Chris Cowdell & Alan Sorrell.

Eunice Williams, Sam Lowe,
Mary Clarke & Brian Sheldon.

Joan Griffiths, Bob Atkiss,
Gwen Burton & Pam Lacey

Bob Parry, John Parsons,
Carol Harley & Les Woodhouse.

Archie Vaughan, Bob Parry,
Ivor Lewis & Dawn Sutton.

Ivor Lewis, Jan Etherington,
Sue Weston & Archie Vaughan.

Sam Lowe, Bob Parry,
Mary Clarke & Carol Harley.

Jon Parsons, Lol Russon,
Dave Harley & Les Woodhouse.

Brian Sheldon, Eunice Williams,
Brian Williams, & June Woodhouse.

Brenda Turner, John Smith,
Lauren Burnside & Ron Reed.

Brian Durnell, Ron Smith,
Lesley Burnside & Dorothy Vaughan.


Lol Russon ( Highley President) Presenting Lorraine Brookes & Mike Weston
with their prizes and congratulations as runners up.


Lol Russon, Congratulating Lesley Burnside and Brian Durnell on winning the
Air ambulance Competition
The winning score 7-6 over 7 ends.
This was a really good final with Lorraine & Mike holding a 6-1 lead after 4 ends,
but Lesley & Brian stormed back with 3-4-&3 over the last 3 ends.
Well done to you both.


Congratulations to
Highley Miners Welfare Bowling Club
Who hosted this event to raise funds for the Midlands Air Ambulance.
It was a most successful day, the weather was a little mixed but generally good.
A special thanks to the Highley members for providing a most wonderful buffet.
54 members played.




SUNDAY JULY-31st-2011

Howard Broome, Jan Etherington,
Albert Mantle & Silvia

Joyce Blakemore, Lorraine Brookes,
Colin Brookes & Tony Wilson

Sam Lowe, Silvia,
Howard Broome & Bob Jennings

ChristineSmith, Pete Blakemore,
Eunice Williams & Pauline Sorrell

Chris Cowdell, Alan Sorrell,
Bill Nixon & Brenda Turner

John James, Ray Rose,
Brian Williams & Dorothy Cowdell

Lesley Burnside, Sue Weston,
Dave Collins & Lol Russon

Carol Harley, Mary Clarke,
Norman Brookes & Mike Weston

Jean Wilson, Betty Rose,
John Smith & Brian Durnell

Ivor Lewis, Ron Smith,
Lauren Burnside & Joan Griffiths

Bob Atkiss, Gordon Griffiths,
Brian Sheldon & Ivor Lloyd

Pam Lacey, Joe Burnside,
Mike Arrowsmith & Margret Lowe

Mike Weston, Albert Mantle,
Jan Etherington & Mary Clarke

Pauline Sorrell, Ray Rose,
Christine Smith & Brian Williams

Brian Durnell, Alan Sorrell,
Brenda Turner & Jean Wilson

Colin Brookes, Joyce Blakemore,
Lol Russon & Sue Weston

Dave Harley, Pete Arrowsmith,
Brian Sheldon & Gordon Griffiths

Eunice Williams, Christine Lloyd,
Pete Blakemore & Les Woodhouse

John James, Archie Vaughan,
Keith Taylor & Dorothy Cowdell

Lauren Burnside, Dorothy Vaughan,
Bob Parry & Ron Smith
All names left to right


John Cadwallader & Phil Pack
doing usual superb job of running the Air ambulance competition.
It once again ran like clockwork.
A special thanks to the both of them.


Sue Weston, Ron Smith, Lauren Burnside & Lol Russon

Bill Nixon, Chris Cowdell, Keith Taylor & Archie Vaughan


Sue Weston, Lol Russon, Chris Cowdell & Bill Nixon,
before playing the final of the Daniel Taylor Air Ambulance Day.


Club secretary Dave Harley (centre)
With Sue Weston ,Lol Russon Chris Cowdell & Bill Nixon, (who is 87 years old)
after the final which was won by Sue and Lol.


Dave Harley with Sue and Lol after being presented with the
The final was played over six ends and finished 4 across after the six ends.
The players tossed up to play the deciding end which was won by Sue and Lol.
Sue had a good lead and Lol added to it and were holding  three shots and
took the end to win 7-4.
It was a super final and some said it was the best final seen in this competition.
well done Sue and Lol. 


The Air Ambulance competition, was this year played over 5 ends in 4 groups with all players having 4 games. The highest aggregates from the 4 groups going into the semi-finals which were  over 5 ends and the final was played over 6 ends.

The amount of money raised for the Air Ambulance will be announced on Sunday August 7th.,
when Highley Welfare Bowls Club will be holding The second stage of the competition.

Cleobury Mortimer Bowls club would like to give a special mention to all of the members who
provided the excellent buffet and to the lady members who oversaw the laying out and serving of it.
Also thanks to the members who provided the raffle prizes.
A special thanks to the members who did all of the washing up and clearing up after the event.
55 players took part  



Mixed doubles
Saturday 30-July 2011

Betty Rose, Mary Clarke,
Gordon Harris & Dennis Edwards.
Betty & Gordon won21-16

Bill Taylor, Carol Harley,
Howard Broome & Pauline Sorrell.
Bill & Carol won 21-18

Pete Blakemore, Christine Lloyd,
Stan Chechett & Joyce Blakemore.
Pete & Joyce won 21-18

Dorothy Davies, Pam Lacey,
Joe Taylor & Mike Davies.
Pam & Joe won 21-9

Lauren Burnside, Jean Wilson,
Chris Cowdell & Joe Burnside.
Jean & Chris won 21-19
All names left to right

1st Semi-finalists
Chris Cowdell, Jean Wilson, Lesley Burnside & Ivor Lloyd
Jean & Chris won 21-20

2nd Semi-finalists
Gordon Harris, Betty Rose, Pam Lacey & Joe Taylor
Gordon & Betty won 21-10

Final winners
Jean Wilson, & Chris Cowdell
Being presented with
the Downes Cup by Christine Lloyd (Ladies Captain)
This was a very good competition with members choosing their own partners.
most of the games went to high scores as can be seen above.
Jean and Chris won their games coming from behind each time.
Well done Jean and Chris.

(Scratch Doubles)
 Saturday July 16th 2011

Albert Mantle, Pete Blakemore,
Paul Lloyd & Joe Burnside.
Albert & Paul  21-19

Ken Reynolds, Carol Harley,
Ivor Lloyd & Dave Harley.
Ken & Dave  21-17

Lesley Burnside, Pauline Sorrell,
Dennis Edwards & Gordon Griffiths.
Pauline & Dennis 21 16

Joan Griffiths, Betty Rose,
Christine Lloyd & Howard Broome.
Betty & Christine 21-20

Stan Checketts, Bob Jennings,
Sam Lowe & Joyce Blakemore.
Bob & Joyce 21-17

Tony Wilson, Pauline Sorrell,
Roy Broome & Dennis Edwards.
Tony & Roy 21-19
the first rounds of the Horton Shield
(All pictures L to R)

Ray Rose & Bob Jennings measuring.
Stan Chechett looking on.


Ivor Lloyd with callipers.
Pauline Sorrell & Dennis Edwards observing.



Paul Lloyd & Albert Mantle the losing finalists.
They played very well but met a pair who were so much better on the day.
Well played both of you.


Bob Jennings & Joyce Blakemore
 receiving the Horton Shield from Ladies Captain Christine Lloyd
Bob and Joyce played a tremendous game to win 21-11.
This pair played exceptionally well all afternoon having to play 2 games before the final.
Congratulations to both of you.



(Scratch doubles)
Saturday July 2nd2011


(l-r)Bob Taylor, Christine Lloyd,
Pauline Sorrel, and Roy Broome

Christine Lloyd & Albert Mantle.
Alan Sorrell (spectator).

Keith Taylor &
Pete Arrowsmith.

Sam Lowe &
Christine Lloyd

Roy Broome &
Howard Broome.

Keith Taylor, Roy Broome,
Pauline Sorrell (its a bowl) & Christine Lloyd. 



Tony Wilson (L) congratulating Keith Taylor and Christine Lloyd
as runners up in the
ISON CUP Competition.



Tony Wilson Presenting Pauline Sorrell and Roy Broome with the
Well done both players

The weather was superb for the Captains day competition
65 members attended to make a good day of it.
The day started at 12-o-clock and went on till 9.15
when the top class final sealed a top class day.

Edna Hodges With Club Captain, Roy Andrews
at the dedication of the club Pavilion to
The Late Bill Hodges and Edna Hodges

Pat Scotford and her Daughter Lynda           
with club Captain Roy Andrews
at the dedication of the new Pavilion named in honour to the late
Don Scotford
Chairman from 2000 - 2011

Gordon Harris and his Daughter Sue at the dedication
of the Gordon and Joyce Harris Corner.
(Sue stood in for her mother)  


All pictures are left to right

Ken Reynolds, Linda Goucher
Gordon Harris & Ryan Andrews.

Pauline Sorrell, Joan Griffiths,
Alex Warton & Richard Jelfes

Jean Wilson, Hilda Woodhouse,
Joyce Blakemore & Howard Broome

Dave Warton, Pete Arrowsmith,
Jim Roberts & Dave Harley

Brian Sheldon, Dave Jelfes,
Ron Reed & Dave Wilde

Gordon Griffiths, Tony Smith,
Archie Vaughan & Allan Sorrell

Ray Rose, Chris Cowdell,
Mike Arrowsmith & Sam Link.

Sam Lowe, Norman Brookes,
Christian Jelfes & Betty Davies.

Tony Wilson, Mary Clarke,
Betty Rose & Phil Pack

Lauren Burnside, Roy Broom,
Roy Andrews & Andrew Pearson

Joe Burnside, Rob Warton,
June Woodhouse & Pete Blakemore.

Dorothy Vaughan, Carol Harley,
Christine Lloyd & Albert Mantle

Ivor Lloyd, Joanne Malin,
Brian Smith & Dennis Edwards.

Les Woodhouse, Joyce Blakemore,
Dorothy Cowdell & Jean Wilson.

Brian Smith, Joanne Malin,
Ivor Lloyd & Dennis Edwards.

The Arrowsmith's with Pauline Sorrell.
(Any Port in a storm)

Olive Roberts, Jim Roberts, Howard Broome & Les Woodhouse

Joyce Harris:
Attended the Captains Day to see the dedication of the
Gordon and Joyce Harris Corner

Club Captain Roy Andrews Presenting Lesley Burnside with a Bouquet in appreciation of her preparing the magnificent buffet for the members; it was truly magnificent.

Brian Sheldon & Dave Wilde  versus  Betty Rose & Tony Wilson
in the 1st semi final
Dave & Brian won 10-3

Alan Sorrell & Tony Smith  versus  Jean Wilson & Joyce Blakemore
in the 2nd semi final
Alan & Tony won 5-3

Finalists of the Captains Day Competition.
Dave Wilde, Alan Sorrell, Brian Sheldon & Tony Smith.
Before the final of the
Captains Day Competition.

Alan Sorrell, Club Captain Roy Andrews & Tony Smith
runners up receiving their prizes.

Dave Wilde, Club Captain & Brian Sheldon
Receiving their prizes for winning the Captains Day Competition.
The final was played over 9 ends
Dave & Brian Won 9-6
It was a super final
all four players were on top class form.
well done to the winners.

 (Scratch Singles) 2011

(l-r) Howard Broome
& Brian Sheldon

(l-r) Lauren Burnside
& Stan Checketts

(l-r) Joe Burnside
& Pete Blakemore

(l-r) Stan Checketts
& Bill Taylor

(l-r) Bob Jennings
& Mike Weston

(l-r) Christine Lloyd
& Howard Broome

(l-r) Bill Taylor
& Bob Jennings

(l-r) Christine Lloyd
& Chris Cowdell

(l-r) Bill Taylor
& Gordon Griffiths
The above players playing the early rounds of the Allun Martin Cup

Bob Jennings, Lesley Burnside (Vice Chairperson) and Chris Cowdell
after competing in the final of
The final was a first class match, played in the best of spirits.
Bob took a very good lead, at one time leading 17-11 but Chris fought back
to take the match 21-19
Well done both players for an excellent match. 

Lesley Burnside presenting Chris Cowdell with the
Chris also won this trophy last year


(l-r) Pete Blakemore, Bert Nickolson,
Maureen Morton & Ray Rose.

(l-r) Les Woodhouse, Ken Row,
Dorothy Cowdell & Eileen Huffer.

(l-r) Gordon Griffiths, Andrew Morton,
Hilary Stephenson & Joe Taylor.

(l-r) Joan Griffiths, Danny Tantrum,
Howard Broome & Lillian Payne.

(l-r) Brian Turner, Roger Harper,
Edith Lewis & Sam Lowe.

(l-r) Jean Wilson, Pam Mayes,
Albert Mantle & Daphne Tantrum.

(l-r) Julie Turner, Ann Prytz,
Ernie Clarke & Tony Wilson

Joe Lupini, supporting Cleobury.
 92 years old and still enjoys a game.

(l-r) Ron Reed, Ann Jones,
& Dave Jones:  Club President.

(L-R) Dave Harley & Sam Lowe (Cleobury)
Ron Lewis & Roger Harper (Clungunford)

(L-R) Neville Huffer, Ron Lewis, Danny Tantrum & Brian Lewis.
All Clungunford


A special thanks to all of the Cleobury Mortimer members for providing a wonderful buffet
and to the lady members for serving it.
We look forward to the return match.
Cleobury Mortimer won the match 152 shots to 103.

The Wakeman Cup: (handicap singles)
Saturday May 21st. 2011

Howard Broome & Les Woodhouse

Joan Griffiths & Mike Arrowsmith

Joe Burnside & Betty Rose

Bob Jennings, (L) & Ivor Lloyd

Gordon Griffiths, (L) & Colin McMurray

Albert Mantle & Lesley Burnside



Albert Mantle & Daughter Lesley Burnside
Semi Finalists
Ken Reynolds (L) & Ivor Lloyd
Semi Finalists

Albert Mantle (L) & Ken Reynolds
After playing the final of the
Both players were of scratch and it was a superb final with Albert taking a good lead of 14 - 6
but Ken came back to go 20 - 19 up but Albert played 2 good woods to take the match 21 - 20
Well played to both finalists
20 members took part in the competition
and all of the preliminary rounds were played to the highest standard
with most games going into high double figures

Albert Mantle receiving the WAKEMAN CUP from his daughter
Lesley Burnside who is Vice chairman of the club.

MAY 2ND 2011

The match was played in the usual friendly manner that we have always been used to when we play this annual friendly and the beautiful sunshine helped to make it a wonderful day.

A the the interval a most delicious buffet was served.
This was catered for by Lesley Burnside and Christine Lloyd.
A special thanks from all of the members of both teams.


Members of Cleobury Mortimer Bowls Club
and Gilt Edge Bowls Club
Taking Part and enjoying the Bowls at the Annual Alan Powell Trophy
On Mayday 2011


Members of Gilt Edge Bowls Club
Left to Right
Alan Smith, Jane Smith, Chloe Corfield, Sharon Corfield & Tim Corfield.



David Little
Chairman of
Gilt Edge Bowls Club.
With His Cake.